Is your hotel....

...on track with future bookings?

...achieving desired group market share?

...ensuring you will achieve or exceed revenue goals in future years?


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Other reports only reach out only one year and secure data from your PMS.  With our data coming from your SALES SYSTEM, you are assured of accurate group booking numbers.


Our mission? To help you shape your future success now...with accurate information that helps you and your CVB strategize successfully and achieve your goals.


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  • Definite group rooms sold by day for hotel and total market 5 to 8 years into the future

  • Regional and national trend reports provided quarterly

  • Additional custom peer sets, 3 years of historicals*

  • Daily comparisons to your hotel

  • Major convention center availability by day with special event highlights*

  • Daily group rooms ceilings by pattern and quarter, low group occupancy % alerts*

  • Individual hotel pace reports*

*custom options available



  • Straightforward and easy to use data for sales management and managers to strategically position group negotiations based on group compression within peer set

  • Strategize leisure, transient rates with revenue and reservation managers, help formulate business, marketing plans and budgets

  • Maximize convention center

  • Assist CVB in targeting need dates of hotels



  • We provide the protocol and templates.  Monthly download from your sales system to Excel spreadsheet

  • Total definite group rooms blocked by day; NO OTHER SENSITIVE RATE OR GROUP NAME DATA NEEDED

  • TAP programs your reports, aggregates data and issues reports within three working days



A minimum of 5 total hotels required to participate, with no hotel holding more than 30% of the total combined guest room inventories.